BOLD MAID playing cards and Giclee prints

These are digitally rendered fine art Giclee prints which are issued in Limited Editions of 25. Each one is individually signed by moi, Jane A Burns. Click on images to see prices.

The images are printed with archival paper and ink. Sizes listed include the mat.

For a look at the complete set of BOLD MAID cards and the characters that inspired the designs, click here: BOLD MAID.

<em>BOLD MAID playing cards</em><em>BOLD MAID and Friends</em><em>POCKET POEM #5</em><em>POCKET POEM #6</em><em>POCKET POEM #1</em><em>POCKET POEM #2</em><em>POCKET POEM #3</em><em>POCKET POEM  #4</em><em>POCKET POEM #7</em><em> LISTENING</em><em>OFFERING</em><em>TWO OF A KIND</em><em> HOLDING ON</em><em>MISTER BINGO . . . ZERO</em><em>MISTER BINGO . . . ONE</em><em>MISTER BINGO . . . TWO</em><em>MISTER BINGO . . . THREE</em><em>MISTER BINGO . . FOUR</em><em>what list?</em><em>thought parade</em>